So I find myself at the starbucks a mile from my apt. So I can use the internet because even though My wife and I ordered internet and have been paying for it for a couple weeks we are still waiting on our modem…not frustrated about that at all.

Anyways the reason I’m here ,we’re waiting to hear the first song mixed from JR McNeely off our record. This is an exciting and scary time all in one. When you get done with all the tracking- vocals, bells, tuba whatever else, you hand that mess over to a new guy and hope he gets it and can turn it into beauty. Which what I’ve heard from JR’s Mixes he can do that.
Since our last meeting on here we’ve finished tracking obviously, had a photo shoot, did an Air 1 interview, Played in Indy, WI and IL and started a ustream account. And now getting geared up the holiday season.

In other news we’re going to have some Holiday Special Combos on our Merch in the upcoming  week.  Just in time to get that someone special…or yourself some great merch from your favorite band Run Kid Run. So check back this week…

thanks for all the support,

David Josiah & RKR

9 Responses to “Waiting….”

  1. pepe says:

    at least starbucks has free wifi now…your starbucks looks just like my starbucks. Good luck with your new album…i’ll be sure to buy your merch…best best best!!!


  2. André Portugal says:

    David and RKR, Brazil supports you guys! Keep bringing the heart of things. That’s our call…

    André Portugal

  3. André Portugal says:

    Oh! I forgot…

    If it’s possible, say Matt Thiessen that he’d love to know about “saudade”.
    It’s a meaningful word that only exists in portuguese.

    Eternal peace and love,
    André Portugal, brazilian, 24 years old.
    [email protected]

  4. adriannn says:

    when can we expect an announcement on releaase date? track listing? etc?

  5. Bruna Dimas says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  6. Tim says:

    sooo excited for a new album!!! you guys are awesome!!!

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