Hey Friends,
So what started out as a bored afternoon turned into a little project. I decided to record the acoustic version of Captives Come Home I came up with. Only problem is I don’t have any recording gear at all…so I just used the garage band program on my laptop. I don’t even have a mic so I’m recording the vocals and guitar directly into the computer microphone..ha. So to all you recording guys and gals out there please have mercy.

Then for the video while I was downtown meeting my wife for lunch I grabbed some footage I thought was pretty decent. Anyways to all the people that asked for Captives Come Home to be the acoustic tune here ya go. I hope you Enjoy!!

love, RKR

Hey friends!! Air 1 is streaming our interview today on their website and the radio. Check out to hear it or tune in to your local Air 1 station!


Jan 26


Finally got to some of the Questions…we split them up so if your question wasn’t answered the answer is still coming!! These are just David’s answers..Thanks again for turning in all the questions.

Hey friends Christmas is over..And it’s the beginning of the Year. It’s time for new beginnings, new resolutions and new starts and what better way to do that then with a new RKR shirt to really get it started right. There’s a new Design and EVERY ORDER WILL COME WITH A FREE SIGNED POSTER (it will be folded to save you money on shipping and to save me more work- sorry)

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    Hey Friends….David here. I had an Idea I thought could be fun. We get random questions here and there through myspace, facebook, twitter etc. I thought it would be perfect to let you ask those all in one spot and we’ll put together a video of answers. It can be silly, serious about certain songs or really whatever. Also if you have a question for a specific band member let it be known and we’ll make a video with all the answers. So think hard and leave a  question here ON OUR BLOG and we’ll answer them in video form. This is your opportunity to be the interviewer so let’s hear those questions….


    Nov 21


    So I find myself at the starbucks a mile from my apt. So I can use the internet because even though My wife and I ordered internet and have been paying for it for a couple weeks we are still waiting on our modem…not frustrated about that at all.

    Anyways the reason I’m here ,we’re waiting to hear the first song mixed from JR McNeely off our record. This is an exciting and scary time all in one. When you get done with all the tracking- vocals, bells, tuba whatever else, you hand that mess over to a new guy and hope he gets it and can turn it into beauty. Which what I’ve heard from JR’s Mixes he can do that.
    Since our last meeting on here we’ve finished tracking obviously, had a photo shoot, did an Air 1 interview, Played in Indy, WI and IL and started a ustream account. And now getting geared up the holiday season.

    In other news we’re going to have some Holiday Special Combos on our Merch in the upcoming  week.  Just in time to get that someone special…or yourself some great merch from your favorite band Run Kid Run. So check back this week…

    thanks for all the support,

    David Josiah & RKR

    Live String Baby!

    Hey hey hey ……so real quick update. We are finished with everything tracking wise. We were honored enough to have some guest vocals sing on the record last week…drum roll please…Mr. Aaron Gilispie from the Almost and Mr. Andy Smith from Paper Route. Goodness it sounds perfect. Also had live strings put on a few songs the intro track and Our Praise tune “My King”. So now it goes to mix in Nov. and we can’t wait to share this with you..

    In other news about to take off for the Weekend We have a big homecoming show in So. IL for halloween..then next week we are playing in WI. Joshua Fest was Fun we had a brave crowd that battled the rain with us. Check out the tour dates for shows coming up.

    Thanks so much for your continuous support.
    love,  run kid run

    Hello Friends…
    We are on a little break from tracking…and no, we’re not in London.  That’s just an old pic I liked. We have one week of tracking left and on the to do list is: strings, percussion, some background and a guest vocal or two. It sounds amazing! We are so happy with how the songs are turning out. It’s both fun and scary, handing your songs, your ditties, your baby over to a producer and trusting them when they take it to the chopping block.  But this process has really been awesome.  Mark & Matt are great at what they do. They’ve really helped us put the final touches on what we feel is our best record yet. And we’ve all become pretty good at frisbee since the start of this record.

    In other news we’re flying out for Joshua Fest -CA in a couple weeks and then playing a show in good ole southern IL on Halloween at the end of the month with some of our friends. So check out the Tour section at the top for details. Besides that life carries on…take care until next time.

    love, David, Neil, Matt and Paul (rkr)