Hello Friends…
We are on a little break from tracking…and no, we’re not in London.  That’s just an old pic I liked. We have one week of tracking left and on the to do list is: strings, percussion, some background and a guest vocal or two. It sounds amazing! We are so happy with how the songs are turning out. It’s both fun and scary, handing your songs, your ditties, your baby over to a producer and trusting them when they take it to the chopping block.  But this process has really been awesome.  Mark & Matt are great at what they do. They’ve really helped us put the final touches on what we feel is our best record yet. And we’ve all become pretty good at frisbee since the start of this record.

In other news we’re flying out for Joshua Fest -CA in a couple weeks and then playing a show in good ole southern IL on Halloween at the end of the month with some of our friends. So check out the Tour section at the top for details. Besides that life carries on…take care until next time.

love, David, Neil, Matt and Paul (rkr)