Hey Friends,
So what started out as a bored afternoon turned into a little project. I decided to record the acoustic version of Captives Come Home I came up with. Only problem is I don’t have any recording gear at all…so I just used the garage band program on my laptop. I don’t even have a mic so I’m recording the vocals and guitar directly into the computer microphone..ha. So to all you recording guys and gals out there please have mercy.

Then for the video while I was downtown meeting my wife for lunch I grabbed some footage I thought was pretty decent. Anyways to all the people that asked for Captives Come Home to be the acoustic tune here ya go. I hope you Enjoy!!

love, RKR

10 Responses to “Acoustic-Garage Band-Tambourine..Go!”

  1. RC/LC says:

    Now that was just too cool!

  2. Jen says:

    it’s beautiful, guys. you took an absolutely amazing song and made it even more amazing. i love it

  3. Ficou linda a música nesta versão acústica, acho que deveriam pensar em lançar um cd acústico, o que acham? Muita paz e sucesso

  4. Cory says:

    I thought I couldn’t like this song anymore than I did. You just proved me wrong. Now, could an acoustic release be far behind?

  5. Joe says:

    That was very cool! One of my favorites of all your songs, very nicely done acoustic recording, I have a lot of respect for acoustic recordings because a good acoustic version to me is a good test of a song’s quality, if it can have a good acoustic version as well as a good full recording then that says a lot about a song’s quality (and a band’s talent!). The guitar overpowered the vocals a little too much, but I guess that’s hard to control on a recording like this. I’d love to hear more acoustic recordings from you in the future!

  6. Alex says:

    That’s pretty awesome quality for just the built in mic! Great concept and great overall work! Really though, for just garageband that sounds incredible! Well done! Awesome song! You have no clue how much I want the new cd!

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